Refinancing & Consolidation

Streamline your financial efficiency by lowering and consolidating payments.

Does your business have multiple loans out with various lenders? Tired of making multiple monthly payments to multiple lenders every month?

AP Equipment Financing offers refinancing and consolidation programs. We can combine your multiple pieces of equipment into one easy and manageable monthly payment. 

Are you a current AP customer? If so, we have additional programs that allow you to stretch your term and add equipment with one easy phone call or email. Our sales representatives have all your information at their fingertips, with an easy application we can extend your term and add additional equipment to your original contract!

Understand Your Bottom Line

Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow

Lowering payments and financing 100% of equipment cost allows you more free cash with which to operate your business.

Easily Amend Your Document

Amend your equipment financing schedule with us and easily add equipment without adding another document or payment.

Keep All Your Financing in One Place

Why deal with 4 banks when you can finance with one financing source who is an expert in your business.

Tailor the Financing to Your Needs

Pay down quickly, extend your term, arrange an operating lease to preserve flexibility...we can do it all!

Helping You Get All Your Ducks in a Row

Tax benefits and advantages can be extremely important to a businesses cash flow. By carefully structuring your lease purchase we may help you create those benefits and preserve your lines at the bank.

With our Refinancing & Consolidation Programs, you can:

  • Consolidate payments into single monthly payment
  • Potentially lower your loan payments
  • Add additional equipment to your current contract
  • Tax Benefits and Advantages
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing

Ready to get started?